Chip Timing


Chip Timing
Cajun Timing has purchased the newest technology from RFID Timing Systems, based out of Australia. The Ultra Timing System is the newest and most reliable technology available, using UHF RFID technology allowing for low-cost "disposable" RFID tags (bib tags). 

We use the Disposable Tag which is attached to the back of the bib and works great for all types of running and cycling events.  We use the UltraTag which is attached to an ankle strap for Multi-Sport events such as triathlons, mud adventure, etc. where water is involved.


While we can’t guarantee 100% reads for all races, we do achieve a 98-100% read the majority of races. A leading cause of a miss read is that the runner or rider fails to properly position the bib or fails to wear it. That said, with our manual backup, our software allows for manual entry of bib number and time so that they are included in the results.

RFID Timing Systems provide flexibility in networking and real-time results capability. The antennae mats are the lowest profile UHF ground-based mats on the market, providing for super-smooth mat transitions for both runners and cyclists for improved safety.


The advantages of the “disposable” Bib Chip Tags are:

Timing tag remains a part of the bib - Easier to distribute pre-race and simply throw away when finished

Once a participant picks up their packet they are done, just pin their bib on and they are good to go

Attractive and professional appearance for your finish line

Free flowing finish line - Fewer volunteers needed for finish line – No corral area, eliminates post-race bottlenecks

Frees up volunteers to help in other key areas

No post race sorting of chips and no charges for lost chips

More accurate times for participants of the race



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